Champagne Flute

Resistant: With shock resistance.
Reusable: Long life cycle depending on usage.
Compatible: Dishwasher (20 cicles).
Reusable: Long life cycle depending on usage.
Food: Suitable for food consumption. Comply with European regulations.
Neutral: Respect the properties of liquids and foods without altering their smell and taste.
Recyclables: Products that can be recycled.
Transparent: Visually identical to glass.


Height (mm): 220
Nozzle diameter (mm): 58
Diameter base (mm): 63
Maximum cup diameter (mm): 63
Weight (gr): 75
Material: Polystyrene (PS)

Reference   202.31
Dimensions   20 cl
Card Box 6 unidades unid   196mm x 128mm x 223mm
Weight of Cardboard Box   500g

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