SemPul on display at LUSOFLORA

Promoted by the Portuguese Association of Producers of Natural Plants and Flowers, the 33rd edition of LUSOFLORA served to help publicize this product which is assumed to be "a safer alternative to the chemical protection of plants against conventional pests".

Under the theme "Green and Flowering Cities", this certainly had, according to the respective official website, the objective of "highlighting the importance of nursery and floriculture, in the creation of green spaces, fundamental, in the well-being of the populations in mitigating climate change and improving the environment for present and future generations". Thus, for PLASTDIVERSITY, it made perfect sense that SemPul was present due to the important role that this product can play in achieving this objective.

Produced in Poland the product, internationally known as SILTAC , is quite effective in combating a wide variety of pests such as: aphids, mits, mealybugs, whiteflies and psyllids, and can be used in various fruit and vegetable crops, but also in plants ornamental.