Facial Protection Shield

Facial Protection Shield

Reusable Face Protection Shields are designed to protect the wearer's face from a variety of risks against which goggles alone are not enough.
The additional protection needed when there is exposure to falling flying objects, impacts, splashes, etc.
When a job or day to day demands it, the Face Protection Shield is an ideal choice.

Intended uses:
Areas of: construction, industrial, laboratory, factory and more, this PPE is an asset that will meet specific and also fits your budget.

Technical Sheet

Top View

Front View


  • The Face Protection Shield is composed by an adjustable elastic band in SEBS (attached technical sheet), a structure and plastic flap in PP (attached technical sheet) and a PETG visor shield (attached technical sheet) with dimensions 280 x 255mm.
  • Very light and comfortable structure. Allowing use for long periods of time.
  • The elastic band allows adjustment to the correct diameter of the user.
  • The transparent visor shield is fixed to the structure using 4 pins protruding from the front.

Maintenance / hygiene / cleaning instructions

This product is reusable. Can be cleaned with:
  • Gel alcohol with a 70% ethyl alcohol base;
  • Saponified solution;
  • Any other suitable disinfectant.

Technical specifications

  • Supplied disassembled, in individual bag, accompanied by assembly instructions in 4 languages (PT, ES, EN, FR).
  • Weight (complete unit): 105gr
  • Packed in cardboard boxes with 40 units.

Use instructions

Proceed with the assembly according to the assembly instructions and use on the face with the transparent visor facing forward and the one adjusted to the user with the elastic band.

Assembly instructions
1. Fit the protection flap in the 4 holes of the bracket (find the side where the 4 holes are open and on the support surface. This is where the shield should fit).
2. Fit the transparent visor to the four front pins of the bracket (note that it must be overlapped with the visor).
3. Start by fitting the two central pins, then moving the pins on each end, one at a time, pressing until you hear a 'click'.
4. Place the elastic tape on the fixing point of the support on one side. Adjust the elastic tape to your measure and proceed in the same way on the other side.
5. Place the holder on the head with the transparent visor facing forward.

Additional Notes
Do not modify or alter the article.
Estimated durability time: 5 years.